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Ironmansafe Company safes or vaults are fully Made-in-America Steel Safes.

Because we believe in your safety and privacy, we do not sell your identity to any 3rd Parties.

When you buy a safe or vault from us, we do not keep any information, or passwords for your safe, past a 30 day period.

When we deliver your safe, we are quick, and discreet.

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Digital or Dial

Amazing how two experts in the field can differ of opinion, and yet both still be right. Here at IronmanSafe Company LLC, we enable you to choose the type of lock you want. So maybe give these guys a listen and then when it comes time to choose your Ironman Safe or...

For those of you concerned about your gunsafes security,
please read the following Policy we have always followed.


Ironman Safe Company LLC is an American built steel body Safes and Vaults by local steel craftsmen from the land of Sheriff Wyatt Earp in Northern Idaho.

Because we believe in the ABSOLUTE privacy for our customers:

  1. WE do NOT keep the passwords of your Gunsafe or Vault-door COMBINATIONS.
  2. The locks we use do not have override codes.
  3. We do not store your login/combination in ANY FILE, digital or written, after you receive your shipment.

While this could cause issues if you lose your combination because we will not be able to help you.
But then again, we won’t HAVE the combination to give to the FBI, CIA, ex-spouse etc.

This is what a locksmith is for.

Yes, it means drilling the lock.. and ruining it. But at least you will know WHO is opening it.

Figure $300-600+ for a locksmith to change the lock on a safe to one that only YOU will have the combination to. Maybe more.

Also, it is easier to change to a combination on digital lock. They are easy to program and then NO ONE would know your combination unless YOU give it to them.

We protect our customers identities…

When we ship, we use generic looking crates so that when it is dropped off at your business or home, your neighbors won’t see a big GUNSAFE looking package.

If you have any more questions, please let us know.