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The Basics of the Ironman Safe


Protect your valuables and your peace of mind with Ironman gun safe.

Superior fire and burglary protection.

Attractive custom Powder Coat finish

10 gage Steel bought locally
Ironman Standard ¼” door plates
3/8″ welded lock plate
Hand welded seams


Security Hardware

⦁ 1” locking bolts
⦁ On hinge side of the door a 3/4″ x 48″ solid welded steel locking bar
⦁ Custom Interiors
⦁ Multiple gun storage configurations


⦁ Pre-drilled mounting bolt holes with hardware included
⦁ Conveniently removable door for upgrades and transportation

Total 360 Coverage Powder Coating
IMSC Burglary Rated / Labeled protection

  • Special weapon storage.
  • Family Legal issues.
  • Prescription Protection
  • Thicker steel is also available upon request
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