*Frequently Asked Questions.

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Category: Technical

Yes, we do many customer safes for customers around the USA. Basically, we are sent the diagrams and sizes on how you want your Wall, Floor, Bed, Couch or free-standing safe. We let you know if what you want is possible and create your customized safe in under 6 weeks. Please note that custom safe pricing is variable so you will need to talk to a factory salesperson, or Ironman Dealer for the price of your custom safe or vault door.

Category: Technical

You can go HERE to find the information on opening an Ironman Combination Lock.

Category: Technical

Yes, you can. Make an appointment, bring your truck or trailer to the shop, and we will forklift it on a pallet into the bed.

Category: Technical

We do not keep your combinations at Ironman Safe. If you are locked out, there are many locksmiths that are skilled and getting into safes with minimal damage. Call one in your area if you cannot find the combination.

Category: Technical

We erase your combination once the safe has reached it’s destination and we give you time to open it. This is ONLY for mechanical Locks. Electronic locks are shipped with the default 1 2 3 4 5 6 combination. Instructions on setting the electronic locks are on the Opening locks page.

Categories: Sales, Technical

NO, an ironmansafe will not protect your in standing water. There is some protection in a fire, because the heat seal will expand and maybe help,
but if, for example, the safe falls into the basement in a fire, and it sits in knee deep water, the bottom will proably have water in it.
So, keep the money and papers in the middle of the safe to keep it semi-dri.