Protection from burglary

When your house is robbed, more than just your valuables are taken. Your peace of mind is taken as a result. With the Ironman 6024 Gun Safe, you won’t have to worry any more. Superior fire and burglary protection all rolled into one safe will provide you that peace of mind you have always been looking for.

Don’t buy a safe AFTER you’ve been robbed!

Be proactive and buy an Ironman 3000 GunSafe. With an industry standard 12 gauge solid steel safe body and 10 gauge plus 1/8″ solid steel door; there is a substantial barrier between the burglar and your valuables.

Thicker steel is also available. Square locking bolts and continuous 3/4″ solid steel locking bar provide more locking surface than other gun safes on the market for excellent burglar resistance. T

A lessor protected safe will have direct and easy access to the inside and your contents. Without any safety features, any box with a lock can be called a safe. Not so with the Ironman 6024. This safe has a special drill hard plate directly behind the lock to prevent drilling, and punching. If the safe is attacked, the relocking device activates to ensure the door cannot be opened. This is superior protection. Ironman takes it one step further. They have recessed the door into a solid frame that prevents pry attempts and adds an extra degree of that superior protection. Contact one of our safe experts today for your Ironman 6024 Gun Safe.


  • Door: Solid 1/4″ door plate with 3/8″ backer plates.
  • Body Thickness: 12 gauge.
  • Fire Rating: 2 hour firewall.
  • Temperature: 1533 degrees F.
  • Locking bolts: (6)-1″ diameter.
  • Nickel plated locking bars: (6)-1″.
  • Solid bar frame: 3/4″.
  • Bolt coverage: 1 side.
  • Max Long Gun Capacity: 12.
  • Weight: 590 pounds.
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