Model 3000


  • Body Thickness: 10 gauge.
  • Fire Rating: 2 hour firewall.
  • Temperature: 1533 degrees F.
  • Locking bolts: (6)-1″ diameter.
  • Nickel plated locking bars: (6)-1″.
  • Solid bar frame: 3/4″.
  • Bolt coverage: 1 side.
  • Max Long Gun Capacity: 12.
  • Weight: 590 pounds.
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Affordable American Made gun, rifle and personal item storage, Additional choices of locks and handles are available.

All metal work is done by Inland Northwest workers.

From the first weld to the final powder coating, an Ironman Safe keeps consistent quality by keeping all production in-house.

Discrete delivery of your new safe is available in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Western Montana.

  • Solid 10 Ga, door plate Superior to composites and adds to overall safe volume.
  • External hinges with full 180° door swing for a unique door removal system.
  • Solid ¾” continuous hinge-locking bar securing attack against our welded hinges.
  • Heat sensitive expanding fire gasket to seal door edges and protect from fire and water damage.
  • (6) – 1 inch solid as was out to walking canes to allow for better deterrents against assaults.
  • Polished satin dial and dial ring, with matching door handles for a high-quality look as well as corrosion protection.
  • Powder-coat finish process that is superior to paint which is an issue as on many other gun safes.
  • Felted interior gun racks with adjustable shelves included.
  • A drill resistant plate and lock back plate prevents the lock from being punched or drilled, both of which are common methods fo attempting forced entry.


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