Vault Door


80″H x 36″W

Frame: 84″H x  39″W


Create your own Vault. Clamshell or Pour in. In and out Swing.

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Ironman Vault Doors

  • Solid 1/4″ thick steel. Superior to composites and adds to the overall safe volume.
  • External hinge with full, 180° door swing for a unique door removal system.
  • Solid 3/4″ continuous hinge side-locking bar, inhibiting pry bar attacks on the hinge side.
  • Heat sensitive expanding fire gasket to seal door edges and protect from fire and water damage.
  • (8)-1 inch solid stainless steel locking pins to allow for better defense against assaults.
  • Polished satin dial and dial ring, with matching door handles for a high quality look as well as corrosion protection.
  • Powder-coat finish process that is superior to the paint finishes on most gun safes.
  • Felted interior, Felt is eco-friendly by recycling plastic bottles.A drill resistant plate and lock back plates are used to prevent the lock from being punched or drilled, both of which are common methods of attempted to force entry.

Additional information

Weight650 lbs
Dimensions36 × 80 in

Antique White, Light Grey, Silver Vein, Copper Brown, Black


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