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Invoice NumberINV-0016
Invoice DateNovember 4, 2021
Total Due$4,775.25

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These are the invoices for the two safes you ordered.  Your pricing n the 5200 service was about $500  below a resellers price. I am sending you a current resellers price list so you can update.
We HAVE to have a current copy of your resellers license in order to keep us from charging you the Idaho 6% sales tax on all items and shipping. If you want these delivered you will have to pay that, before we ship, or you can arrange for shipping.

Hrs/QtyServiceRate/PriceAdjustSub Total
14500 x 72 Corner safe

Bronze Mechanical Dri-rod installed. - Robert Pray


Bronze Mechanical - Isaiah Miller

Sub Total$4,775.25
Total Due$4,775.25