Ironman safe company produces a high quality line of Safes. From coffee table size small to safes that are quite enormous. We build it locally but ship anywhere in the continental us.

We have online web dealers that can take your orders, or you can visit our shop in Dalton Gardens.

What we do is an honest job for an honest profit. We like where we live and we want to make safes that are hand-held through the production processes by experienced workers that follow through each part of the production. Even the detailing of YOUR safe. Inspection by familiarity, makes a product that one can be sure that their safe, big or small, is done right.

With powder coating, there is an ionization or kind of like magnetism when the color powder is sprayed on every outside surface. The flow of the powder onto the steel and it’s baking properties bonds the powder coat onto the clean surface. Powder Coating provides a thickness that reduces scratches to the metal. The sprayed safe shell and door are trolleyed by a conveyor system that allows an easy painting and quality control in the Ironman Process.  While paint does cover and there are some cool designs on some foreign-made safes,  those designs also easily scratched that opens up areas of rust generation. 

Locally produced in Dalton Idaho, a small village sandwiched between the Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls and Hayden Idaho, our safes are different in design and implementation. Using our 17 years of experience we found greater utility in using a frame locking technique that reduces the amount of fallibility in moving mechanisms.

Ironman Safe company uses a 3/8” Stitch-Welded full height locking bar on the hinge side. That is one of the many reasons people return to buy more, or bring their friends to our factory to choose one from the warehouse. Less hardware to push to open, little edge to wedge a crowbar and our exteriors are made of 10 gage steel panels factory shaped into the sides and back of the future safe.