Want to make your gun safe special?  At Ironmansafe.com all of our safes are customizable, from color to the handles and locks.

On this page we will show you some of the options on Ironman Safe and Vaults.


We can supply your safe with an LG digital locks because of it’s simplicity and quality.

With gold and silver trim these raised buttons make it easier to open your safe in low light or if reading the small combination dials has become too difficult.

You can retrofit yourself, or have an Ironman Expert help you.  Discounts of E-locks is available on some of the larger Safes built by Ironman safe, but the locks can be used on ANY Ironmansafe.

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While there are many ways to have access to your handguns in your Gun Safe. You can use the usual hang it on the inside of the door where you know they get banged around, or you can use the Made In America Ironman Piston Barrel Holder. Using smooth powder coated material, these combinations and be from 3 to as many as the width of your safe can take. This is the fastest way to get at your handgun, and keeping them out of your way.